The McNany Charitable Foundation Inc

The McNany Charitable Foundation

Established 2015

The McNany Charitable Foundation Inc

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The McNany Charitable Foundation uses donations for supplying scholarships to local community High Schools. Each June the foundation presents multiple scholarships to graduating Seniors. The criteria for the selection process is: financial need, excellent community service, sports oriented and high academics. The scholarship opportunities are through the local high school’s Guidance Offices.

Debilitating Diseases

Every family may suffer a debilitating disease and the McNany Family is no exception. Our immediate family members have succumbed to Muscular Dystrophy, Heart Disease and various cancers. The McNany Foundation seeks to improve the lives of those suffering and make donations on their behalf.

First Responders

Many McNany family members have been First Responders, working at local Police, Fire and EMS positions. With selfless volunteer hours, their drive has always been to help the community. The McNany Charitable Foundation assists many local First Responders including PBA’s, FMBA’s and First Aid Squads.

Upcoming events

SAVE THE DATE: Thursday, October 26, 2023 for the 8th Annual Corporate Fundraiser and 2nd Annual Tricky Tray Extravaganza!!

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Help Us ~ Help Others

The McNany Family Charitable Foundation How we got started . . .

It was during the late 1960’s that our family arrived in Springfield, N.J. and settled in a small apartment with 5 siblings and a single parent. Though times were lean, our mother, Ann Marie (Mickey) McNany, did her best to foster a loving, caring, and happy home for her five children. Her caring and nurturing ways were sculpted and honed over a career that spanned nearly forty years in the nursing field where she maintained her Registered Nurse status in 2 states. These traits did not stop at the end of her shift or when she arrived home.